Our year with Go365 will end on November 30th giving you 2 more months to reach silver status (or higher!) before starting over for next year. Why is silver status important? Ideal’s defined contributions to the health care coverage next year will be related to wellness program participation as allowable under the Affordable Care Act. Team members achieving silver status or better in the Go365 program from 12/1/16 – 11/30/17 will receive a higher health insurance contribution from Ideal to offset the cost to the team member. This year team members received an additional 10% for achieving silver or gold status and 12% for achieving platinum!!!! Team members with blue or bronze Go365 status will be eligible for a smaller contribution. Keep in mind that last year’s status doesn’t carry over; you have to re-earn your status each year.

If you do not achieve silver status by November 30th, don’t worry – you have a second chance. Ideal will also provide the higher health insurance contribution to team members who achieve silver status between 12/1/17 and 5/1/18. Why is Ideal connecting Go365 to health insurance contributions? We want to shift our team’s focus to wellness and prevention by encouraging participants to engage in healthy behaviors. Changing our approach can improve team members’ health outcomes while saving them money by reducing health care claims.

The fastest path to silver status and beyond is by getting your biometric screenings completed, Ideal’s insurance covers one annual physical per year at 100%. Note that “a year” is defined as one year from your last physical, not once per calendar year. If you haven’t already, schedule your physical, print a Biometric Screening form for the Go365 site to take to your visit, and get on your way to silver status and lower health care premiums.