The Ideal Group knows that education provides a strong foundation for a successful community, and has committed themselves to providing students with a quality education. Local institutions of Holy Redeemer Grade School and Detroit Cristo Rey High School offer students the opportunity to learn a variety of subjects with the added support of community programs and corporate donations. Both schools guide their students from a young age and prepare them for higher levels of education.
Youth Programs
The Ideal Group places high value on the youth of Southwest Detroit, dedicating a large amount of their efforts to assist and ensure the youth achieve success. Programs such as First Robotics and Grow Detroit’s Young Talent provide the young community with ample opportunities to nurture their potential. Other organizations offer young adults additional support in cultivating and strengthening their connection with the community.
The environment plays a large role in strengthening the community’s connection with its residents. Events such as the Motor City Makeover and the GM Cares Week welcome all residents to come together to maintain the well-ordered condition of the neighborhood. The Detroit Riverfront Conservancy and the Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision have made it their mission to, not only build a connection between the residents of Southwest Detroit with the area, but to safeguard and strengthen the Detroit region. People of all ages are welcome to partake in events promoting maintenance of the neighborhood.
Southwest Detroit, a vibrant community, encourages its residents to take an active role in caring for the neighborhood. The Ideal Group takes a special interest in the Southwest Detroit community, welcoming members of the neighborhood to various events and activities. Establishing popular attractions in the region, community members contribute their own efforts in maintaining the local parks and gardens. The Cadillac Urban Gardens on Merritt Street and Scarcyny Park host numerous events throughout the year, offering community members a chance to build more connections with other areas in the neighborhood.