Sales is a difficult industry. Not only is it about having quality products that consumers want and need, but it’s also about finding those potential customers and getting products in front of them.

That is why Ideal Surplus has stepped up its sales channel game by using five different channels to find and attract its potential customers, including:

  • Ideal Surplus Website
    • The Surplus website is an ecommerce site that features over 50,000 products and over 1,000 different name brands. As a giant, customer-friendly webstore, this is where a large portion of orders and impressions come from for the company.
  • eBay
    • The former online sales king is still a very large and reputable sales channel, especially for Surplus products. While it may not be the #1 sales channel for everyday consumers, it’s a top avenue for Surplus.
  • Amazon
    • As the worldwide leader in online sales, Amazon is a “must have” sales channel for any online business. That’s especially true for Surplus, as it gives buyers from all over the country and world easier access to seeing the wide array of products available for sale.
  • Google Ads
    • Have you ever seen an Ideal Surplus advertisement on your Facebook page or at the top of your favorite website? That is thanks to Google Ads, designed and implemented by Curtis Rose in the marketing department.
  • Site Visits
    • Used for both buying and selling, site visits are a fantastic way for Gary Brothers to speak in person with business owners and facility managers.

Each and every sales channel presents Surplus with a unique selling opportunity to a diverse group of customers. While some may carry more of the weight than others, all of the channels work in unison to help grow the Surplus company and brand.