Ideal Surplus was fortunate enough to have the assistance of two interns during the immense duty of revamping the Surplus facility. Christopher Lara and Richard Zarate started with the task of folding boxes for parts and then switched to adding those items to the accounting and inventory management program. Happy to work during their Christmas and spring breaks, both interns learned more about the software while advancing their computer skills. Christopher and Richard were very helpful in assisting the company with their eBay account, cycle counting, parts receiving, and box making.  Richard said, “I’ve learned so much from working at Ideal Surplus. I’ve come to acknowledge how multiple individual tools/equipment is important and worth a lot. I’ve also learned how many types of motors, electronics, transformers, and etc. work”.

Working alongside the Surplus Team, Christopher and Richard said they felt appreciated for all their hard work.  When asked about his favorite part of working for Ideal Surplus, Christopher said, “Learning the processes and practices established by Surplus is exciting, but improving and refining the previous methods towards the goal of efficiency is the most exciting thing about working here.” They met a lot of new people, and gained a fresh perspective on the inner workings of Ideal Surplus. Both Richard and Christopher felt great pride in being part of the team.