The Ideal Group is a champion of internship programs as the halls, shops, warehouses and cubicles are full of talented interns. And, like every company, Surplus has joined in on the mentoring this summer with the additions of Perrin Moncur (Junior at Michigan State), Sam Nathan (Senior at Grand Valley State) and Marco Marquez (Grow Detroit’s Young Talent).

Both Perrin and Sam are helping assist the Surplus team with receipts and marketing of inbound materials, as well as working with the items of higher value. Some of their main responsibilities include updating product descriptions, pricing, product condition, improved pictures, and adding products to various marketing platforms. They also help with customer service to answer questions, provide product quotes, and help with the search for potential buyers.

Marco (not pictured) is an intern from the Grow Detroit’s Young Talent program that has been responsible for verifying, updating, and correcting product descriptions of the top brand products.

Business Development and Sales Manager, Gary Brothers, is very excited to have all three helping grow Surplus this summer.