Stay Ahead and Be the Best is our company mission, but it also relates to our health. Staying Ahead of health issues through preventative care helps us put our Best foot forward every day. At Ideal, we want wellness to be a company focus as we strive to give our team members the resources needed to meet their health goals . Starting January 1st, Ideal Wellness will be partnering with HAP for our new and improved wellness program. Anyone who is eligible for Ideal’s health care will be eligible to participate in the wellness program, even if they are not enrolled in HAP for medical coverage. Existing HAP members will see the wellness portal link on your page where you go to view your medical benefits currently. Team members without HAP medical must contact Amanda Kowalski to set-up access.

There are two reward components to the new program:

  • Ideal Advantage – a 10% discount off of your health care deductions for next open enrollment earned by completing two simple steps 1) Complete your health assessment and 2) Get your physical. Easy, right? Please note that both the employee and spouse must complete these steps to earn the discount.
  • FitCoins – earned for completing activities in community, education, healthy eating, mental health, physical activity, or prevent and manage. Get rewarded with a $100 gift card when you earn 1,000 FitCoins! This gift card is one per family.

Keep watching the Wellness Newsletter for the new section with helpful tips and highlights of the program to help you get familiar with all of its features!