Did you know that if a fire starts in your home, you will have only two minutes to escape? That why it’s important to have working smoke alarms in your home, develop an escape plan, and practice that plan with your family.  The American Red Cross has resources to help prepare you for a fire emergency.

  • In a fire every second counts and smoke detector alarms give you precious moments that could mean the difference between life or death. The ARC has partnered with local Michigan companies for its Sound the Alarm program. The program provides testing of existing smoke alarms and installation of up to three smoke alarms for free. Go to https://www.redcross.org/local/michigan/about-us/our-work/home-fire-safety/smoke-alarm-request.html to register for your free smoke alarm.
  • Mapping out an escape plan and practicing ensures that your family will know what to do if disaster strikes. Practice overcomes panic in an emergency when our brains flip into autopilot mode and rely on known behaviors. The ARC recommends practicing your plan until everyone in the home can evacuate in less than two minutes. This includes 1) installing smoke alarms on every level of the home, including inside/outside of each bedroom and the basement 2) identifying two exits from every room, whether doors or windows and 3) picking a place outside for everyone to meet and 4) testing smoke alarms every month and replacing batteries as needed.