What’s better than earning Go365 points that can be cashed in for company-paid rewards? How about doing it while improving your quality of life? Go365 has tons of ways to earn points during your wellness journey, but one of the most personalized is by setting goals. Once you complete your Health Assessment and/or Biometric Screening, Go365 will recommend goals specific to your health areas that are in need of improvement. Whether you need to get active or lower your blood pressure, goals will help you focus your energy on high priority health issues. Goals may be more long-term than other point earning opportunities, but they also come with greater rewards. Most goals earn between 300 and 400 Go365 points upon completion.

To access your recommended goals, log-in to Go365 and select “Activities” out of the blue toolbar. Choose “Recommended” for activities that are personalized for you. Here you will see goals, activities, education, and more that are related to your recommended goal and getting you on the right path for success. Once you have set a goal, it will appear on your main page when you log-in near the top of the page for easy access as you work toward completion.