On August 26, 2015 at 8:15 a.m. Ideal Contracting employees were demolishing/repairing a portion of a cement block enclosure, filled with pea gravel in Central Engineering Building at the GM Warren Tech Center. Ideal Contracting employees began removing a section of block in the middle to allow the pea stone to come out and alleviate pressure. The employee took two swings of the hammer to break the face of the block wall. After striking the wall it split in two sections and the entire structure collapsed to the floor. It is important for all of us to recognize the impact that our decisions have.

Had these employees not made the decision to make safety a priority the outcome of this situation could have been very different. Fortunately, Anthony Muehlhausen and Jeremy Adado were aware of their surroundings by preparing pre-task plans and reviewing them prior to beginning to work.  Anthony and Jeremy reacted quickly and correctly. As a result of their quick thinking they received a formal GM safety award on September 2 as a part of the GM Global Safety Week Initiative. They were presented with a Certificate of Recognition for their commitment to work place safety, and a limited edition Safety Award coin.

This incident provides all of us an opportunity to reflect upon our decision making. As 2016 approaches we should look at our daily routine and ask the question “am I choosing to do this the correct, safe way?” More importantly from one Ideal family member to another THANK YOU for all of the safe decisions you make.