Everyone wants to do more, be better, but the best of intentions can quickly fall apart without a good system to keep us on course. Studies show that tracking your progress toward goals can increase your chance of success by 2 times!  Tracking increases your accountability, helps focus and direct your program, keeps you motivated and committed, and allows you to be more efficient. The HAP iStrive portal can help you get started by using My Health Assistant. Once you have set goals in iStrive, they will be added to your My Health Assistant page creating a one-stop shop to track and monitor your progress. HAP also provides related tips and resources next to each goal to help you reach your achievements.

  • Go to www.hap.org and log-in
  • Go to the “My Health & Wellness” tab (in orange) and select “iStrive for Better Health”
  • In the wellness portal, go to the “Healthy Living” tab and choose My Health Assistant