Ideal Shield is pleased to announce the newest product in their decorative bollard cover line.

The Paramount is the first 4-inch decorative bollard cover Ideal Shield has ever offered, but will most likely not be the last. Shield has an amazing team of innovative minds, always working hard to bring new and fresh safety products to life.

The Paramount radiates elegance with its classical appearance.  It also fits securely over Shield’s Removable Locking Bollard for added functionality, making it perfect for all areas that requiring temporary vehicle access.

  • 4” diameter
  • Full size with flared base fits over 48” steel pipe
  • Cut down without flared base fits over 32” steel pipe
  • Patented 1/4″ wall thickness for added durability
  • Standard colors readily available
  • Custom color options offered to match any color scheme
  • Patented installation tape to ensure a secure fit every time


Ideal Shield’s decorative bollard covers match the sophistication of cast iron and have the advantage of being maintenance-free. The Paramount is stronger than cast iron when installed over steel pipe, easier to ship due to the decreased weight, and best of all… it costs a fraction of the price.

Congrats to Ideal Shield on another product that not only promotes safety, but looks amazing too!