Hate that moment when you see a doctor for the first time and can’t remember the answers to health history questions, such as when did you have the test or what were the results? Or maybe you have an ongoing health condition and want to track your health information better, more accurately? HAP has a way to help. The iStrive portal contains a Health Record section where you can store your health info in a secure setting and provide a centralized place to maintain your records. Here are some of the ways that Health Record can benefit you:

  • Decide what information to store, who will have access to it, and under what circumstances the information may be used.
  • Avoid confusion that can be caused by complicated medical terminology. The Consumer Health Thesaurus (CHT Thesaurus™) translates common consumer health-related terms into accurate, professional medical language.
  • Import records or data from my doctors, insurance company, hospitals, labs or pharmacies into my Health Record (if they support this feature).
  • Identify potentially harmful interactions between my medications, herbs, vitamins and allergies.
  • Prepare a pre-visit questionnaire for my doctor that allows me to fit more than 30 minutes’ worth of relevant information into an average 7-minute visit.
  • Combine my fragmented medical information from multiple sources into one accessible, secure location.
  • Track my lab test results and other measurements such as weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Learn more about my own health status and obtain objective medical information about the conditions, drugs and other items I enter in my Health Record.
  • Receive preventative service reminders in my secure message center.
  • Print a report of information from my Health Record and give the report to my health care providers.

To utilize this feature:

  • Go to www.hap.org and log-in
  • Go to the “My Health & Wellness” tab (in orange) and select “iStrive for Better Health”
  • In the wellness portal, go to the “Health Record” tab and choose Health Record Home.
  • A list of options for storing your health information appears on the left, organized by category