Spring has officially begun! On Saturday, May 21st, Cadillac Urban Gardens and Scarcyny Park celebrated their Grand Opening Day. Guests learned about the summer series hosted at the gardens including: Get Up and Get Moving, Volunteer Days, Art in the Park, and Music in the Park. Throughout the festivities, guests also enjoyed tacos, arts and crafts, games, and music provided DJ Joe G.  This was CUGM & Scarcyny Park’s fourth opening day and had the highest attendance!

Linda Rhodes states, “I would like to thank everyone for the great team effort to make Saturday such a great success. The day was beautiful, the food was great, the music was the best and the fellowship was unsurpassed. This opening day for the parks was the best ever. We had the neighborhood there, Ideal Group, as well as SDEV, was well represented and a true camaraderie was shown within the community. I really anticipate this summer to be the best one ever for the Parks. Our great team is working together to plant the seeds of fellowship and community strength while bringing us all together to take the community back and make our neighborhood safe and healthy again. So let’s not let the momentum die, let’s get those flyers out there and keep pushing our planned events!  Summer is the time for family and friends and where better to spend our time than at the parks we worked so hard to create.”

Thank you to all who attended. Please check out our Facebook pages to stay up-to-date with upcoming community events.