As a part of Ideal Setech Share The Spare’s unwavering commitment to safety, we recently held a team review of the new GMNA Manufacturing Common PPE and Safety Rules. The review aligns us even more with our General Motors customer’s safety mission “Live Values that Return People Home Safely Every Person. Every Site. Every Day”. At STS, we will now be required to wear:

  • Safety glasses upon entering the warehouse. Safety glasses are not required in designated break areas or enclosed office areas.
  • Substantial footwear. Completely enclosed, hard soled, all leather work shoes or boots are required on the warehouse floor. These shoes/boots must have leather, dense rubber or steel shank soles.  Canvas or mesh athletic shoes, deck shoes, open toe or open heel shoes, high heels, sandals are not acceptable and are not permitted on the plant floor.
  • Long pants are required throughout the warehouse

As a part of our Visitor Safety Protocol, we will review the Common PPE and Safety Rules with our guests.