Hector Romero joined the Ideal Steel team as a Production Manager in August 2017. In his short time with Ideal, Hector said he enjoys working with the Steel team, and admires Ideal’s strong focus on their employees.

Born in Orange County, California, Hector moved to Detroit as a child before settling in New Haven, Michigan. Active in sports during high school, he participated in football, basketball, and baseball. He proudly served in the Army for 3 years after graduating from high school, before making his way back to the world of steel manufacturing. Before joining Ideal Steel, Hector spent 15 years working for another steel manufacturing company as a Foreman, Welder, and Fitter.

Married for 15 years, Hector enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 kids. Following their father’s example, they focus on extracurricular activities such as soccer, robotics, and gymnastics.

When asked for a quote that inspires him, Hector shared, “It’s not what you did yesterday, but what you do today that counts.”

Make sure to give Hector a warm, Ideal welcome!