The journey to a long, healthy life often finds it roots in developing good health habits in our childhood that carry forward. According to the CDC, approximately 18.5% of American children between the ages of 2 and 19 years old are obese – that’s 13.7 million affected children!  Encouraging kids to engage in an active lifestyle is a key component of fighting childhood obesity. National Youth Sports Week from July 15th to the 21st strives to do just that – highlight the health benefits of youth athletics through physical activity, living healthy, youth development, and safety. Most local communities or schools have youth sport programs that can be accessed by going to their webpages.

Organized sports are a great way to get kids moving in a structured environment, but keep in mind it isn’t the only way. Going for a walk or a bike ride, throwing or kicking a ball around in the yard, or splashing around in the pool are simple ways to introduce your children to healthy habits while getting in quality time. Take the initiative to get moving and your child will too! Check out the CDC’s tips for how parents can make physical activity a part of their child’s life