On Saturday, June 20th, Ideal employees and Southwest Detroit community members came together to participate in helping clean up the community, also known as the Motor City Makeover.

The Motor City Makeover is an annual, citywide volunteer cleanup and beautification initiative. Tasks included vegetable planting in Cadillac Urban Gardens on Merritt, cleaning up and pruning trees at Scarcyny Park, planting in the Venegas Way Orchard, cleaning up trash on Merritt Street, framing planter beds at Holy Redeemer Elementary School, and the refurbishing the garden at Detroit Cristo Rey High School.

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After a long, rewarding day of work, volunteers were treated with delicious, local tacos from Taco Veloz.

This was another fantastic way for the community and the Ideal Group to come together and work as one, as we all look to make Southwest Detroit a beautiful place to live and visit. So, we’d just like to say thank you to all of our employees and volunteers that came out to help us beautify our community!

For upcoming volunteering events, please check out our Facebook page!