The popularity of bicycling amongst adults has experienced a resurgence in recent years with more people riding not only for pleasure, but as meaningful method of transportation. In fact, bike commuting to work increased in the US by 62% from 2000-2013. National Bike Month is reminder of the growing cultural awareness around health and wellness, sustainability and economic savings with biking at the center as a simple solution to many issues. Why bike?

  • For your health – Regular cycling increases cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and flexibility, joint mobility, and strengthens bones. It also decreases body fat levels, stress levels, and assists in prevention and management of disease.

  • For the environment – Cycling produces no pollution and consumes no fossil fuel. Replacing short vehicle trips (1-3 miles) with bicycling could save 6 to 14 million tons of carbon dioxide and 700 million to 1.6 billion gallons of fuel each year. Bicycles also use very few natural or community resources in terms of infrastructure and parking.

  • For your wallet – Opting to ditch the car can save money on directly related costs such as gas, wear-and-tear on your vehicle, auto insurance and parking. Studies also show cycling creating savings on indirect costs by removing the need for gym memberships, buying less when running errands, replacing costly leisure activities, and by increasing productivity.