Like most companies, improving sales numbers and website traffic were two key goals for Surplus in 2017. Building a stronger online presence was critical to achieve these goals. But it’s much more than just improving keywords and search engine optimization.

Thanks to a team effort and attention to detail throughout the year, starting with checking in new products, shipping the sold products immediately and improving the Surplus workspace, those goals were met and surpassed.

According to data, in 2017, Ideal Surplus surpassed 100,000 website visitors which translated into an 80% increase in website traffic, compared to 2016. This vastly improved web presence did more than just improve search engine rankings and product views. Ideal Surplus increased its ecommerce orders 50% from the past year, going from 50 online web orders per month to 75 per month.

Meeting goals and exceeding expectations is good, but it’s not a finish line. Ideal Surplus is planning on expanding its web reach and increasing sales numbers even more in 2018!