Before severe weather hits, it’s important to have an action plan to keep you and your family safe. The first step to getting prepared is being alerted at the first sign of severe weather. Check out The Weather Channel’s webpage ( to get free e-mail or text alerts for severe weather based on zip code. In the top toolbar, select “Severe” and scroll down to “Get Severe Alerts” to get browser push alerts or e-mails. Or create a log-in on the main page to receive and customize text alerts. If you want severe weather only, turn on the “Government Issued Alert”. In the left toolbar, select My Alerts and “Government Issued Alert” to specify the severity of the event that you want to be notified for. Next, put together an action plan with your family including your designated take shelter area. Make sure to have emergency supplies stocked in this area such as flashlights, water, and a radio. For full instructions of how to keep your family safe, go to