Dartmouth College presented Frank Venegas Jr. with an honorary Doctorate degree during its Commencement Ceremony on June 12, 2016 for his philanthropic and entrepreneurial efforts in Southwest Detroit. Mr. Venegas is Chairman and CEO of The Ideal Group, a construction services, manufacturing, and indirect material management company based in Detroit, Michigan.

Dartmouth College is an Ivy League research university, regarded as one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. Dartmouth College offers the highly ranked Tuck School of Business and Mr. Venegas is a graduate of the Tuck School’s Minority Business Executive Programs. Forming a lasting connection with the Tuck School of Business, Frank sponsored emerging local business entrepreneurs to the same Minority Business Executive Program he attended. Professor Leonard Greenhalgh, Professor of Management from Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, nominated Frank for the Doctorate of Humane Letters. Frank Venegas sits on the university advisory councils for the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and the University of Michigan-Dearborn, CASL. Attending the Tuck School of Business’ executive programs for minority entrepreneurs has inspired Frank to consider his broader responsibilities to his community.

In a quote provided by Dartmouth College, President Hanlon said, “Frank Venegas, we marvel at your extraordinary journey from humble origins to a career as a prominent entrepreneur, philanthropist, and leader for social responsibility…yours is a practical and inventive career, built on the belief that all individuals are capable of success, regardless of background. Your vision is giving Detroit’s underprivileged Hispanic youth a running start in higher education.”

Frank Venegas sits on the boards for the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Science Center and Detroit Riverfront Conservancy. Committed to Metro Detroit, he serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Detroit Hispanic Development Council (DHDC) and is active at Community Health and Social Services (CHASS) and LA SED. He facilitates access to educational opportunities, internships and mentoring programs for Detroit Cristo Rey High School (DCRHS) and its students. Mr. Venegas sponsored the opening of the first First Robotics Build Center in Southwest Detroit at the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation located on Trumbull.

Frank Venegas Jr. said in regards to receiving the Doctorate of Humane Letters, “I’ve just reached a goal that I never ever thought I would reach. Allowing me, Frank Venegas, to expand not only a network of people but to get included in a brand new system at Dartmouth and Tuck.”

An innovative business leader, Venegas has developed seven diverse companies sharing common corporate values and culture. Ideal companies continually meet and exceed customer needs in construction, facilities management, manufacturing, indirect material management and surplus sales. Venegas continues to lead the Ideal Group companies in today’s global economy through solid business practices, exceeding customer expectations and service to the community. Now celebrating nearly 20 years in Southwest Detroit, Frank Venegas and his company, Ideal Group, has come to create a notable presence within the Hispanic community. Frank and the Ideal Group’s influence has brought attention to the growing prosperity of Southwest Detroit. In July, Frank will be traveling to Oxford University in the United Kingdom to present his educational neighborhood model to the university.