Ideal Surplus’s Keith Porter has become an asset to the warehouse over his 10 years at Ideal Group starting with Ideal Setech in 2006 and later transferring over to Ideal Surplus in 2015. Noting that he appreciates the opportunities he has received during his time here, Keith enjoys the diversity offered throughout all of the Ideal companies. Beginning as a warehouse specialist, he oversaw the shipping and delivery of parts for Warren and Ypsilanti. Recently taking over as Surplus’s warehouse manager, Keith now carries an abundance of new duties. Keith manages the selection of materials needed to be received by the Material Handlers, perceived to have the highest turnover, value, and easiest to locate on the internet with proper pricing and accurate descriptions. He also handles the warehouse layout and enforces procedures for the flow of day-to-day and future operations. So far, his greatest challenge appears to be updating the inventory data into a more intricate computer system.


Keith is a hard worker, but when he’s not busy at Ideal Surplus he enjoys spending time with his two rescue dogs Nala and Moxie. The trio takes walks regularly to the dog park. Being interested in physical fitness, Keith spends much of his time at the gym weight lifting, taking part in a baseball game or out on the water if the weather is permitting.  As a Michigan native, Keith definitely knows to take advantage of lake privileges during the summer months. Grand Haven is a favorite place of his to hang on the beach or wakeboard, mentioning downtown Grand Rapids as having an exciting night life and tasty food. It is safe to say he recommends a weekend trip out west! Speaking of tasty food, you might also find Keith in the kitchen. He takes pleasure in cooking, especially Cajun food, and is most proud of his success with an intricate recipe for stuffed bruschetta turkey burgers…YUM! When he is ready to take a break from his activity-filled life, he loves a nice vacation. He recalls his trip to the Dominican Republic as being an amazing experience. Keith took a tour to Saona Island near Punta Cana, soaking up the sun and scenery with the friends he made during his visit.


When asked for some life advice, Keith responded with, “Don’t judge others until you’ve walked in their shoes.” That is solid advice for both generation X and Y as they integrate into the workplace.