Back in 2008, Kelly Cleaves joined The Ideal Group as an Ideal Shield Customer Service representative. In the 9 years since, Kelly has gone on to enjoy a wide variety of roles within the company.

Following her time with Ideal Shield, Kelly moved to Accounts Payable for Ideal Setech before being transferred to GM Warren Transmission as a Repair & Warranty Buyer in 2014. Two years later, Kelly moved to Howell Share the Spare operations as a Purchasing Analyst, then returned to GM Warren Transmission as a Purchasing Analyst in 2017.

“Every position I’ve held has molded me and given me the knowledge to take on each following position,” said Kelly.

Kelly now serves as the Site Manager for GM Pontiac Propulsion. With 3 people under her lead, she will communicate closely with internal GM Management regarding their inventory replenishment, planning and processes within their facility.

On her time with Ideal, Kelly shared, “I’ve spent my entire adult career with Ideal, and I wouldn’t have the opportunities or knowledge today without the patience and guidance of everyone I’ve worked with over the years. From the start, I was immediately drawn in to the family feel. I’ve watched Ideal grow continuously over time and I’m proud to be a part of that!”

Born in Detroit, Kelly graduated in Roseville and received an Associate’s Degree in Business Accounting from Baker College. She loves to travel with her young son, recently taking him on his first Caribbean cruise this past winter. Kelly and her son enjoy spending time with her parents and close friends, having barbecues, and exploring new parks. With a new condo, Kelly is always working on an interior design project and restoring furniture.