Zach Fishaw started as a summer intern in 2000. His first full time position was at the Ideal Setech RDC facility in Howell as a Material Handler where he quickly took on more challenging opportunities at the GM Warren Transmission facility and Ideal Setech Share-The-Spare. He moved over to the Ideal Surplus Sales Operation in December 2010 where he now manages the warehouse. Zach makes sure products are properly priced and he is in charge of posting the products to the Ideal Surplus website, eBay, and craigslist.  Zach also attends industrial auctions on-site and online and competes with bidders to be able to have the best products available to sell to Ideal Surplus customers.  Zach helps out in the warehouse by unloading trucks, picking and shipping orders, and making sure that the Ideal Surplus store is filled with up-to-date products. The hard-working Ideal Surplus team, along with Zach, includes Dennis Place, John Taylor, and Jose Quintero, who are instrumental in reaching warehouse production goals.  They all work together to make sure Ideal Surplus customers find what they need and shipments get out on time.  Zach has helped Ideal Surplus accomplish and exceed many sales goals. Check out the Ideal Surplus website and their store . You will be amazed at the great job Zach Fishaw and the Ideal Surplus team is doing!