Tony Poma is an Iron Worker Superintendent on the Ideal Contracting team. On an average day, he maintains a good relationship with the owner, GC and other trades. He also coordinates and manages deliveries, materials needed for equipment.

Tony’s biggest impact on the team is his ability to maintain an open communication with employees so that safety and schedule is their common goal, a top priority within Ideal Contracting.

 “I have always felt that Ideal has supported me and has always made me feel a part of a family. My career with Ideal so far has enabled me to move up in the company and has been a big part of my life before my children. My son and daughter are 8 and 5 years old now and I have been able to provide for them because of my great career here with Ideal. Thank You so much for that. As I move forward in my career here at Ideal I plan to take care of the company that takes care of me.” – Tony Poma

A Michigan native, Tony grew up in Kentucky and spent some time in Florida. He returned to the Great Lakes State at the age of 21 to become an Ironworker, like many of his family members, including his grandfather, father, uncles, and cousins. Married for 12 years, he loves spending time outdoors with his two kids. He also enjoys archery, hunting, and fishing.

A fun fact about Tony is that he has competed in a World Championship tournament for archery.