In the three years since Kelly Starrett began working with Ideal Shield, many have come to know her and enjoy working with her. In December of 2013, Ideal Shield hired Kelly as a web designer but in the course of three years she has developed into Ideal Shield’s webmaster “guru”. Ah, but what is a webmaster? In Kelly’s words, for the best explanation, a webmaster typically means a person who maintains or updates content on websites, as well as customizing design and development of a website. Now, aside from webmaster, her duties include web design, graphic design, managing relationships with the web agencies partnered with the Ideal Group companies, managing and developing e-commerce, and digitally editing photos and videos.

While Kelly has constructed multiple websites for the Ideal Group companies, her work on the latest Ideal Shield website earned an award from Douglas Marketing Group. In February, Douglas Marketing Company won an award based on the functionality of the new Ideal Shield website along with the user experience content and design elements. Kelly’s yearlong effort definitely paid off! She really enjoys working with the digital world, using it as a creative outlet.

Kelly’s current project as a webmaster is working on rebuilding Ideal Surplus’ website. For this project, she researched Magento, the e-commerce software being used internally, and has been working alongside Human Element building out the new Ideal Surplus website. They are working on creating a completely new user and buying experience for the webpage visitors, making it more updated and user friendly.

When Kelly isn’t tied up in the digital world, she enjoys longboarding, suffering only one injury since she learned to longboard – Very impressive for someone who considers herself to be uncoordinated! Music is also a hobby for Kelly. She enjoys listening to indie and house music, but is quite the musician herself playing guitar and ukulele. Her favorite concert experience was attending Freedom Hill, an alternative festival put on by radio station 89X. Sports are another interest for Kelly the Webmaster. She prefers watching basketball and like a true Detroiter, she’s always rooting for the Pistons.

Kelly is a traveler. She considers her trips as being her most memorable and favorable experiences. She recently visited the Caribbean this March and has deemed it her favorite place she’s been to thus far. While the beaches in the Caribbean are beautiful, she enjoys the beaches throughout Michigan around Lexington and Traverse City. Watersports on Michigan’s lakes is a must according to Kelly.

Kelly certainly leads a youthfully active life, fearless, and adventurous. When asked for a piece of advice, she shares, “stay true to yourself and do what you want.”