Cheers to Sylvia! On Friday, May 20, 2016 Sylvia Gucken celebrated her 25th anniversary at the Ideal Group at El Barzon. Accompanied by many who love her, Ideal Group celebrated the attention and love Sylvia has given to the company and so many others.

Sylvia Gucken joined Ideal Steel in 1991, marketing the company’s residential building products and the Ideal Shield product launch.  As Ideal expanded, Sylvia employed interns from local universities to assist with growth in marketing, quality assurance, safety implementation, and event planning.

A member of the Ideal executive team and assistant to the chairman since 2002, Sylvia coordinated the launch activities for several Ideal companies, including Ideal Shield, Ideal Contracting, and Ideal Setech.

Sylvia assists Frank Venegas, Jr. Chairman and CEO, in executing his community vision for Southwest Detroit. Both focus their energies on supplementing K-12 education with technology and academic opportunities, strengthening families, and building safe neighborhoods. Working with area non-profits, schools and businesses, some of Ideal’s notable projects include Cadillac Urban Garden on Merritt, Scarcyny Park and multiple neighborhood clean-ups.

Sylvia Gucken has received multiple awards, including The Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 2013 Amiga Award. In 2014, Mana De Detroit recognized her with its Adelita Award for her leadership and service to Southwest Detroit.

“When you say Sylvia, its means so much to so many different people, you never know what Sylvia means to me or to you or anyone else,” states Frank Venegas, “What Sylvia might mean to me, you or someone else will always be different but appropriate. Most importantly the road she takes you on, she will always be with you.

It’s amazing when Sylvia walked into my door, I was confused on what I was getting.  Her daughter told me it would be ok, but I always had the suspense of who this woman really was. The days have gone fast, the years faster. Most importantly I have been led down the road by Sylvia and I have never been better for it.”

Congratulations Sylvia on your 25th anniversary with the Ideal Group. We appreciate all that you do, may you continue to inspire and motivate us for many more years to come!