Jocelyn Dayne has been an asset to Ideal Shield’s team for eight years.  She started as customer service manager in 2008 and in the past year has taken over purchasing for Shield.  In this dual position, she has the added responsibilities of buying for Ideal Shield, sourcing for sleeve orders, working with molders, and visiting vendors at least once a year.  Her coworkers agree that her attention to detail contributes a great deal to her success in the workplace.  Sometime in the next couple of months she is hoping to visit with our top two vendors of 2015 Pinnacle and JerDen.  JerDen and Pinnacle make all of the sleeves that are stocked in Detroit.  Both vendors are huge resources to Shield.  Jocelyn is also working with Interpak to schedule a visit to our facility in Detroit. 

Jocelyn is not alone in her transition of combined responsibilities.  Her sister Callan, who has been with Ideal Shield for three years as a customer service rep, has taken over some of Jocelyn’s accounts.  The sisters are very hard-working and a great duo for Ideal Shield’s team.  When asked about how Jocelyn feels in this new position she says, “Working with our vendors is ‘similar but different’ than working with customers; it’s interesting to now be the customer! Ideal is an amazing place to work. I’m so fortunate for all the opportunities they have given me over the years and I look forward to many more in the future!”

Jocelyn spends her free time with her two daughters and her husband.  They are very family orientated and spend a great deal of time with Jocelyn’s in-laws.  Family is very important to them and they are very lucky to be able to have such great relationships with Jocelyn’s family as well as her in-laws.  The combined families enjoy camping on Lake Michigan at Wilderness State Park and make it a point to go every summer.  It is always exciting for everyone to get together and partake in all of the outdoor activities there.  She looks forward to this upcoming summer trip to Tawas Point on Lake Huron, as she has not been there yet, but has heard it’s a really cool campground.  Aside from her upcoming summer plans, she is also finishing up fixing her new home that she and her husband bought last year. The family is very excited to move in, and very excited to be neighbors with her in-laws.