Congratulations to Abel Gutierrez! This month marks his 20th year with The Ideal Group. Abel Gutierrez started at Ideal Steel in 1995, where he began as general labor through a staffing company. He began to work for Ideal after mentioning that he knew how to read blue prints; at the time Ideal was looking for someone to read blueprints. Abel also drove workers from Southwest Detroit to Ideal Steel’s old location in Hamburg, MI. In his early career, Abel initially thought about working in Michigan for six months and then returning to California after he finished his labor contract. Abel has not left since; he is now the Plant Manager for Ideal Shield. “This is home, it’s a family, a lifelong place to be” says Abel Gutierrez.

During the time Abel has worked with Ideal, he has significantly contributed to the community by mentoring youth. Jose Perez, former Detroit Cristo Rey High School graduate said, “Abel has been a great mentor to me; he has given me a lot of valuable work experience and has been a great friend. He is like family to me, he has helped me grow and become a successful young adult.”

Abel and his wife, Rosa Gutierrez have been married for 25 years. During Abel’s free time, he likes to work in his yard and spend time with his grandchildren. When we asked Abel if he was happy that he didn’t return to California he said, “Never in a million years would I have thought I would be doing what I am, but I am extremely happy I stayed, I love being here, this is home.”

“It’s a pleasure having Abel with the organization for the past 20 years; he is a very hardworking, dedicated, person that has grown within the company and we to hope to have him for the rest of his career. We appreciate all the hard work you’ve done for Ideal Shield,” says Loren Venegas, President of Ideal Group.

Congratulations on your 20 Years of Service! You have reached an important milestone at Ideal Shield. Thank you for the many years of service and dedication to making our Mission, Vision, and Values come true every day for every employee.