Ideal Shield is made some big changes in terms of infrastructure this month!  We switched from Sugar CRM system to a new SageCRM system that links directly with our order processing and accounting systems.  The new SageCRM allows Customer Service and Sales Reps to work directly in the programs that Accounting and Purchasing work through, bypassing the need for cross-system syncing and integration.

Since SageCRM is fully integrated into our framework, we will have live views of our current inventories, allowing more accurate lead times for customers and more up-to-date snapshots for Purchasing of what and when products need to be ordered.  Order processing is also faster since we no longer need to wait almost a full day to sync systems for credit card processing – reps are now able to enter billing information directly, allowing for any discrepancies to be solved same-day!

SageCRM is fully customizable to our needs and allows us to create the most efficient workflow possible. One month in, we’ve made tons of changes on what fields and tabs are necessary and what can be deleted, what needs to be shuffled around and what we need more of.  This ability to optimize our workspace has greatly accelerated our ability to quickly follow up on leads, send out quotes and orders with accuracy, and continue to grow our company’s support system as we hit record sales numbers!