In a move to expand and improve the color options for its bollard covers and sign bases, Ideal Shield has partnered with a new color house.

Color houses serve as manufacturers who mix color with resin to create the color formulas added to the plastic we use for our products.  This color house has offered us a brand-new option – metallic!

With the new color option, the Shield variety is unmatched as we now offer our sleeves in Aluminum, Gold, Bronze, and a sleek Metallic Red.

Our sales team has already been spreading the news to our biggest customers, and the response is overwhelming. Some spec’d accounts are looking to replace their existing Ideal Shield covers with the new option, and others are looking to add some of these colors alongside the standard options they use on a regular basis.

New colors are just one of the many ways we like to work with our customers on new ideas. We are excited to see what else our new business partners can add to our portfolio.