Thanks to a strong, growing relationship with one of our most innovative vendors, Shield has earned the opportunity to help launch Flexpost’s new product line!

Many of you are  familiar with the concept of the Flexpost. A twist on the conventional bollard posts, Flexpost is designed to bend at the base when impacted so as to prevent damage to the bollard and the vehicle. They are the optimal solution for spots where bollards constantly get hit and bent out of shape.     

The standard line of Flexposts are flexible enough at the base that a person pushing on it can “flex” it back. However, the new line is much more “heavy-duty”. These bollard bases have a much stronger design and will not bend unless impacted by a vehicle, giving off the impression of a sturdy permanent bollard system.


As for how Shield will help roll out the product line, every Flexpost will come standard with one of our 1/8” sleeves, but customers are welcome to swap out the covers for an upcharge so that it fits the theme of their facility.

We are so proud that our time and energy spent in going to trade shows with our vendors and keeping close relationships is continuing to pay off.  Let’s continue to Create Wealth for everyone involved in our community!