March is madness at the Ideal Shield offices and on the college basketball hardwood. So, it only made sense to combine the two forms of mania into one giant group of fun. And that’s where the 2017 Ideal Shield Dealer Bracket Challenge was born.

Made up of 64 dealers from all around the United States, the Ideal Shield Dealer Bracket Challenge is in the same form of the NCAA Basketball tournament. However, instead of everyone trying to pick a correct bracket, we randomly drew the names of chosen dealers in each region and paired them up with college basketball teams competing in the 2017 NCAA Basketball tournament. 

Dealers vs. dealers with the Ideal Shield prizes on the line. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The Bracket Challenge has been a huge hit so far with both the dealers and the Ideal Shield sales team. This contest has shown the dealers some love and fun while also allowing the marketing team to contact the participants multiple times per week. As just the tip of the iceberg, the Bracket Challenge could possibly extend to other popular sports tournaments, including The Masters and either the NBA or NHL playoffs.

For more information on the Bracket Challenge and how it was set up, stop by the Ideal Shield offices and speak with Chris Parenti or Garrett Fishaw.