Ideal Setech Share-the-Spare (S-T-S) took over management of the GM Metal Fab Division’s critical spare parts on December 15, 2003. Some of the services provided include the management of $76 million in inventory, procurement of parts, repair of parts, warranty tracking and 24 hour on-call part shipments. During S-T-S’ 10 years, $70 million in cost savings and $60 million in inventory reduction has been recorded. In the last two years, Powertrain and Assembly Operations critical spare programs have been added. In 2008, Ideal Setech S-T-S was named General Motors Supplier of the Year. It has become one of our proudest moments. The Supplier of the Year celebration was held at Ideal Group headquarters on July 31, 2008.

We congratulate Ideal Setech S-T-S for celebrating its 10-year anniversary. An employee appreciation luncheon was held to celebrate this accomplishment, share stories and look forward to the future.