As a part of the Ideal Setech commitment to support community projects, the Ideal Setech Share-The-Spare team and GM partners volunteered at the Howell Gleaners Community Food Bank and Forgotten Harvest.

They volunteer at Gleaners every second Tuesday of every month. In April alone, the teams sorted 2,463 pounds of food. Their continuous support makes it possible for Gleaners to distribute more than 45 million pounds of food to people in need throughout southern Michigan. 40% of Gleaner recipients are children.

On April 28, Ideal Setech STS arrived on site at Forgotten Harvest ready to work. The volunteers cleared branches and limbs, clearing pathways for tractors to travel. The team also shoveled dirt and clay to secure black plastic mulch for the irrigation system to help keep moisture in, weeds out, and provide warmth for the base of the planted plants.  In all, they planted enough cabbage and broccoli to serve over 13,000 meals. All of the food grown gets donated to communities in need throughout the state of Michigan. It is most humbling to hear after all of the work is said and done that 95 acres of crops are planted throughout the year, all made possible by 5 full-time employees and volunteers.


Great job team! If anyone is interested in volunteering or donating to help end hunger, please visit or for more information.