On Wednesday, August 16th, four STS Howell employees participated in Livingston County United Way’s 16th Annual Day of Caring. This one-day community impact day was geared to help our seniors, youth, people with disabilities, area nonprofit organizations, and much more. Our team’s assignment was to help a senior woman in downtown Howell with her home’s yard work and exterior window washing.

Ken Barrett, Tim Williams, Winston Pearce and Darlene Williams participated from the Ideal team.

“We arrived in the morning and began clearing yard debris from fence rows, weeding flower beds, clearing brush from around the trees and garage, trimming shrubs and cleaning her windows. It was physical, but rewarding work. We learned that our senior was beginning her first treatment for stage 4 lung cancer later that afternoon. When we were finished, she was so overwhelmed by the work that she broke down in tears and thanked us.” Darlene Williams, Ideal Setech STS

Sometimes you never realize how much of an impact we can have on others by just reaching out to do a small thing. It certainly had a big impact on each of us!