Always looking to grow and improve, Ideal Setech recently hosted its CPR training with seven team members; Sheri Allen (not photographed), Kim Flavell, Agustin Guzman, Sarah Oumedian, Tim Williams, Derek Johnson, and Sara Henkel. 

With the training complete, 40% of the Ideal Setech team at Share-the-Spare in Howell is now CPR certified. 

In addition, Warehouse Supervisor Derek Johnson recently completed MIOSHA training for Advanced Accident investigation. 

MIOSHA is the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Their mission is to help protect the safety and health of Michigan’s workforce by preventing workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities. During Derek’s training, he gained the knowledge to conduct an investigation using proper techniques for reducing the frequency and severity of occurrences.

But that’s not the only safety training to expect out of the Setech team. As, unfortunately, the Howell Fire Chief recently canceled the fire extinguisher training due to a local restaurant fire in town. Though the new training date has yet to be determined, this is the next step for the staff to be up to date on its safety education.