On August 1st, Ideal Contracting celebrated their third consecutive (Ideal Group’s 10th) GM Supplier of the Year. The event took place at Scarcyny Park & Garden with many of Ideal’s employees and friends. Taco Veloz catered their delicious tacos and The Detroit Bus Co. gave a tour of Southwest Detroit to guests who were interested.  “We are honored to have received Supplier of the Year ten times; it is always great to share these successes with our employees and friends” says Frank Venegas. During the celebration Jon Anglin announced the winners of our “Family Safety Engagement Program” contest. The winners were:  Zane Powell (1st place), Briana Miller (2nd place), and Austin Davenport (3rd place). They were invited along with their families to receive their prizes on stage, explain their drawing and why it is important to have safety procedures for any activity. Safety is at the core of Ideal’s culture and returning team members home to their families safely at the end of the work day is our number one priority. Thank you to all who celebrated with us!