The Ideal Group of companies showed a true team effort to help GM’s Warren Tech Center with the flooding that occurred on August 12, 2014. Ideal Contracting was handpicked by General Motors to lead the charge in restoring electrical and mechanical services as well as debris remediation, rigging and demolition of operations. Ideal Contracting pulled resources from all sites in Southeast Michigan.

All hands were on deck, with many workers coming in after their jobsite closed for the day or on weekends to support efforts. With owner approval, a few sites shut down in order to pull necessary resources to the Tech Center clean-up efforts. Ideal Contracting manpower increased to approximately 225 trades men and women. Our partners at Barton Malow increased manpower to over 125 tradesmen and women working around the clock to remove debris, equipment and conduct demolition operations.  An estimated 30 million gallons of water was pumped out by Ideal Contracting.  Barton Malow contributed significantly to the site supervision as well as rigging operations.

Ideal rented and owned equipment that was used on site. Ideal Surplus and Setech mobilized emergency teams on-site to assist in locating mechanical and electrical equipment to restore services. Ideal Contracting continues to be engaged in getting all GM personnel back to work at 100% capacity including but not limited to: office restorations, equipment (testing or other) restorations or relocations, and critical components restorations on an individual basis. The tradesmen and women for all companies deserve a pat on the back.  They truly are the best skilled workers in the region. A big thank you to all divisions within Ideal Contracting and the Ideal Group of companies, the team really stepped up their game on this one.

More facts and important dates:

  • First major buildings put on temporary power and mechanical by 8-17-14
  • Majority of GM employees moved back into buildings by 8-18-14
  • All GM employees moved back into buildings by 8-25-14
  • First buildings were put back on main power by 8-29-14
  • All buildings were put back on main power by 9-15-14
  • Anticipate major air handling units back on line by 9-29-14