This month, Ideal Contracting held two topping-offs, with the first taking place at General Motors Flint. Here are some of the highlights of the M5 Flint project:

  • The team worked over 50,300 total man hours during the M5 Flint project.
  • The project consisted of 9,000 total pieces of steel
  • 72 pieces of erected steel were averaged each day
  • In total, 5,041 tons of steel made up the Body Shop.
  • The Trestle connecting the body shop to the assembly plant totaled 1,214 tons of steel.

See Pictures below:

It took many partners to make this project successful, including our sister companies Ideal Steel and Ideal Shield. So, a big thank you is in order to everyone that helped this project go off without a hitch.

As for the second topping-off, Ideal Contracting held it for the Little Caesars Arena Via-roof project in Detroit, one of the most exciting portions of the arena.

  • Ideal’s yard received all materials by Vector Foiltec in shipping containers and racks, inventoried and shipped just in time for erection to the site.
  • Our team detailed, furnished, and installed supports for each end of the rafters at Buildings AB, C, and the Arena. This ensured the lines were precise and properly fit the Via Roof between structures.
  • Altogether, the team erected 65 rafters all with unique lengths ranging from 40’ to 120’ and weighing anywhere from 5,500 lbs. to 25,200 lbs.
  • Ideal Contracting used 440 tons to construct the rafters for the buildings and the arena.

Little Caesars Arena is on schedule to be finished near the end of the summer. Make sure to focus on the details, as the Ideal Contracting team was a big contributor to the arena’s most impressive features.

See pictures below: