Things piled up on every surface of the house or your desk and too many “To Dos” to keep track of… Organization, or lack of, can seriously impact your mental and physical health. Getting and staying organized creates more “me” time, which allows you to spend more of your day doing the things you enjoy with the people you love and living a more balanced life.

  • According to one study, an organized home and office resulted in lower levels of stress hormones. Taking the time to tidy up can make you feel accomplished and allows your space to feel relaxing and calm. Less stress improves sleep quality, your immune system, and more!
  • Removing clutter from your work area boosts productivity by improving focus. It also allows you to be more efficient in completing your work.
  • People who are organized are more likely to set short-term goals, create a plan, and record their progress when it comes to exercising. Leading to greater results!
  • Did you know that organization also impacts your eating habits? The stress from clutter can lead to comfort eating to reduce anxiety levels.
  • Organizers tend to be planners, which can also help you lose weight. Thinking ahead to meal plan and purchase healthy foods can lead to weight loss vs. eating packaged or fast foods on the go.

Convinced and ready to organize your life and space? Here’s how to get started: Clear out the clutter, don’t overschedule your time, plan the night before, and make time for yourself daily!