Weight management can be an elusive concept that is easier said than done – to diet or not to diet, which diet, which workout is most effective – information overload! HAP offers targeted weight management programs to help its members shed the extra pounds and boasts “more than 226 tons lost by over 63,000 members”. There are a wide range of programs offered including nutritional counseling, doctor-supervised weight loss programs, prescription weight loss medications, iStrive personalized resources, Jump Start exercise videos, and discounts for Weight Watchers and other fitness, nutrition, and weight-loss programs.

Check out the available resources:

  • Go to www.hap.org and log-in
  • Go to the “My Health & Wellness” tab (in orange) and select “iStrive for Better Health”
  • In the wellness portal, go to the “iStrive Resources tab and choose HAP Weight Management Program.
  • A list of programs and how to access them will appear.