Download the FREE Go365 App (via Google Play Store or App Store), it is a great opportunity to participate and submit activities for points!


Did you know the Go365 App offers a few unique activities you won’t find on  Below are some fast, fun, and easy ways to earn additional points!

  • Fitness Habits Activity  – earn 25 points per month -> choose a Type, Frequency, Duration and click Set.  Once the duration is completed, you will submit photo proof of you (selfie!) doing that activity.
  • Sleep Diary – earn 25 points per week -> choose Sleep Diary and click Set.  If you sleep 7+ hours 5+ days in a week (Sun-Sat) and log your progress.
  • Weekly Log – earn 10 points per week ->  choose a Type (i.e. meditation, weight, food logs) and click Set.  You can earn up to a maximum of 10 points weekly regardless of how many Weekly Logs you participate in each week.
  • Daily Health Quiz – earn 2 points per day  ->  choose Daily Health Quiz and hit Set.


NOTE:  To earn points for any of the above activities, you will need an appropriate compatible device which tracks the specific activity you are participating in.





Also, there are a variety of activities you can submit via your Go365 App; Dental Exams, Vision Exams, Flu Shots, Sports Leagues, Athletic Events, Blood Donation, CPR Certification and First Aid Certification.  Documentation of these activities need to be submitted within 90 days of the event.