Did you know that Go365 Recommended Activities (i.e. goals) range from 200 to 2,000+ points, depending on your calculated health risks?  Recommended Activities are based on the Health Assessment and/or Biometric Screening results and can help you achieve optimal health, these are unique and meaningful to your overall well-being.  Examples include reaching/maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, educating yourselves about certain medical conditions/risks and making smart lifestyle choices such as staying/becoming tobacco-free.

View your Recommended Activities using the below path:

  • Login to Go365.com
  • Click on ‘Activities’ at the top of your Go365 Dashboard
  • Under FILTER ACTIVITIES BY CATEGORY, click on ‘Recommended’. Click on the dropdown box to view your list of Recommended Activities.  You will have access to set the Recommended Activity along with the ability to participate in potential courses, conversations and/or Health Coaching to earn Points for such Activities.  Enclosed is the Recommended Activities document.