Tip of the week:   Go365 Steppin’ Up Your Status


Did you know you get Bonus Bucks when you reach Silver, Gold, and Platinum Status?  These Bucks will help you increase your purchasing when shopping in the Go365 Mall.


The first time you reach Silver Status, 1,000 Bonus Bucks will be awarded to you(subscriber).  For each new Status level earned in the program year, you will earn additional Bonus Bucks associated with the new Status level achieved.


In your renewing and subsequent years to follow, you will earn DOUBLE Bonus Bucks when the prior year Status level is achieved.  For example, if you end the prior program year in Gold Status, you(subscriber) will earn 500 Bonus Bucks for reaching Silver, 1,500 Bonus Bucks (doubled) for reaching Gold Status and 5,000 Bonus Bucks if you reach Platinum by the end of the current program year.  If your prior year Status level was Silver or below, then Double Bonus Bucks will be awarded upon achievement of Silver Status.