We are approaching the end of our year with Go365 and making strides toward wellness. You deserve a pat on the back and a shopping trip in the Go365 Mall! Every point earned in the Go365 program becomes a “buck” that can be used to make purchases in the Mall. There are a wide variety of items that can be purchased including fitness devices, workout gear and apparel, gift cards, and Apple products. You can even cash in your bucks to donate to participating charities! The best part? Ideal pays for all rewards that are earned in the Mall. It’s our way of saying thank you for your commitment to wellness.


Access the Mall by logging in and selecting “Shop” from the blue header. The top of the page will show your Reward Summary including how many bucks you have to spend. Your rewards will be shipped directly to your home and the invoice will be sent to Ideal – does it get better than that?!?! More motivation to keep moving, keep earning, and keep on the path to wellness with Go365 and Ideal.