We are all aware of the benefits of making healthy choices, but sometimes getting started with a new health behavior or keeping it long-term can be tough. Go365 is here to help! As part of your enrollment in the program, you can participate in Go365’s health coaching program for free. You will be assigned a personal health coach that will stay with you throughout your wellness journey – no 1-800 numbers or customer service reps. You and your health coach will work together on aspects of your health such as managing your weight, eating healthier, exercising, quitting tobacco, or improving your well-being. You decide which areas you would like to work on and your coach will help you set and monitor goals to keep you on track. Communication with your coach can be via e-mail or phone, so you choose the method that works best for you and your schedule. Signing up for a health coach also earns you points! You will be awarded 200 points for enrolling and up to 50 points per month for continuing communications with your health coach.


To enroll:

  • Log in to Go365
  • Select the “Activities” tab and go to “Recommended”
  • Select “View Details” under “Enroll in a Coaching Program”
  • Follow the steps to get started


Points will automatically be added to your account going forward. You do not need to report your contacts with Go365.