Go365 Mobile App – start, activate and continue on your health and wellness journey while tracking your progress. It’s a great way to earn points and bucks to redeem for rewards. Download the FREE Go365 Mobile App (via Google Play Store or App Store), where you will have the ability to access your wellness information anytime, anywhere.


It offers a few unique activities you won’t find on Go365.com. To earn points for any of the below activities, you will need an appropriate compatible device which tracks the specific activity you are participating in.


  • Fitness Habits Activity – earn 25 points per month
  • Sleep Diary – earn 25 points per week
  • Weekly Log – earn 10 points per week
  • Daily Health Quiz – earn 2 points per day


Also, you have the option to submit a variety of activities (dental exams, vision exams, flu shots, sports leagues, athletic events, blood donation, CPR certification and first aid certification).  Documentation of these activities need to be submitted within 90 days of the event.


Go365 Mall Experience – experience a new and enhanced Go365 Mall experience which started on 1/1/18.

  • You will experience faster site performance, a larger variety of products and be able to browse products by category, from e-gift cards, charities, and more
  • Best Buy has been added as an e-gift card option
  • Amazon e-gift cards are available in the amounts of $25, $50, $75, and $100
  • You can purchase Garmin Vivoki and Fitbit Zip for 2,500 bucks
  • The entire Go365 Mall experience is available via the Go365 Mobile App