Healthy breakfasts and lunches can help kids stay alert and productive during the busy school day. Meals filled with whole grains, protein, and fruit give kids the right balance to kick start their day and keep their energy up throughout the afternoon. Eating well doesn’t mean that taste has to be sacrificed. Check out the links below for some delicious and nutritious ideas for preparing breakfast and packing school lunches. With so much variety to choose from, you won’t have to hear the kids complain about eating the same “boring” food each day. Bonus!

Does your child(ren) buy breakfast or lunch at school? No problem! Schools are becoming increasingly health-conscious in the options being provided to students making it easier than ever to encourage children to make good eating choices. The key is educating children about what good choices are. Go to for tips on teaching your child(ren) healthy eating habits and how to identify good choices in the cafeteria. My favorite tip from Review the school lunch menu with your child(ren) the night before and point out the better options. When standing in the lunch line the next day, your voice will play back in their minds guiding them toward the good stuff! Work as a family to get educated and get healthy with help from Ideal Group Wellness.