In Michigan, it may snow tomorrow so why not barbeque today? Barbeques are full of family fun, good friends and, most importantly, delicious food. Next time you fire up the grill, why not add a little healthy flavor to your meals? The American Heart Association recommends heart smart choices such as grilling fish and skinless chicken or trying turkey burgers instead of red meat. But, if you can’t steer clear of your favorite red meat options, choose “loin” or “round” cuts and “choice” or “select” grades as the lowest fat alternatives. And, always use a rack so the fat drips away from the food. When selecting seasonings and toppings, go for low sodium and low fat options.


There are tons of ways to improve on your menu with healthy choices, here are links to a few of my favorite suggestions:


Don’t forget that Cadillac Urban Gardens always has fresh (and free) vegetables for the picking. Stop by this week to pick sweet banana peppers, bell peppers, eggplant, and zucchini for your next barbeque. Tomatoes and tomatillos will be ready to pick soon! If you can’t make it to Detroit, look at the Michigan Farmers’ Market Association webpage for a listing of Farmers’ Markets throughout Michigan to find fresh produce locally http://